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Jean-Erick Pasquier is an « eclectic » photographer such as Robert Doisneau considers him in « l’Imparfait de l’Objectif »*. Curious about the most varied worlds, he is a obstinate and patient observer of
the daily life of his fellow men. He belongs to the family of long-term journallists and proposes subjects of a complex and intricate matter or which demand a cautious approach.
He joined  the Rapho Agency at the age of 20, and ever since Jean-Erick Pasquier roamed the worldwide with a preference for Americas of which Alaska
where he carried out numerous subjects during five years. He also travelled many other countries showing special tenderness for Italy, his hangout place. Since 2005 he has been all over Thaïland where he set up an extensive topic on the city of Bangkok. He has been a regular collaborator of Geo Magazine since it was issued first in Germany then in France. His is also requested by several famous magazines such as  Stern, The Observer, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, New-York Times or the Figaro Magazine and  others …
For the sake of « ordinary moments in extraordinary places » his steps lead him to cover either backstage the Crazy-Horse, the wings of La Comédie Française or the World of Rap in Marseille as well as amateur rugby .
Also, in the humble presbitary of Father Quentin Montgomery will he produce « The Diary of a Country Priest » published in more than ten countries. It appeals to Jean-Erick Pasquier to melt in the background, to stand in the shoes of an anonymous person, as far as to sink into oblivion to capture one’s  intimacy in daily life.
Furthemore  he has put  his work experience  in the service of different firms and international institutions for over ten years.
Whatever the subject, he completes his work with equal demand in order to share the treasures he encountered, to restore the emotions and  meaningful
moments he gathered all over the world.

Jean-Erick Pasquier approaches photography first as a way of life before  he considers it as a profession.

*Editions Belfond, Paris 1989

1st price World Press Photo 1987 for "A country priest ", daily life serie.
1st price World PressPhoto 1992 for "Backstage la Comédie française", art and spectacle serie.